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From my position as Professor Emeritus, I invest time & energy to renew and disseminate the contents of this site free of charge as promised to my earlier students and users. The website continues as Open Access, also after my retirement. Its renewal depends on health, money, time and other eventualities. Thanks for feedback, if you feel like.

The Labyrinth of Leadership

The central part of this website is the Labyrinth-of-Leadership, Ledelseslabyrinten in Norwegian. The Labyrinth stands as an educational game that combines our desire to play and our ability to reflect. It rehearses theories and methods of Human Resource Management through questions that enable alternative reflections.

It is important to know how to navigate in the Labyrinth. The Back-arrow (back) brings you always to your start. Some links need passwords. Before you go further, try the navigation system on top of the coming page, i.e. the Pull-Down Menu [Pass-000]. Do not overdo the use of reference-numbers that function as "passwords" during navigation.

Alternatively, discover other links in the slide MENU bar in the right corner above. Click the three lines ☰ above the Back-PEAK arrow back to open the MENU bar.


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